The writer was a reluctant salesperson that ultimately gave up the fight and put her gift of gab, “natural hustle”,  extroverted and outspoken personality to good use.  Recognizing that “with great power comes great responsibility” she decided that lycra tights and spandex would do the community a disservice  and donned a DVF wrap dress and 6 inch platforms instead.

The more time she spent in the sales world the more she realized that the greatest benefit wasn’t the money or the confidence of being a proven winner, but the opportunity to people watch and dissect human behaviors enough to translate it to what should be an awesome blog venture and eventual webisodes that you just shouldn’t miss.

You’re about to become a part of the life of a true SALES PERSONALITY!

As for me, I’m the biographer that was paid to spend countless hours reviewing film reels of her most awesome moments under financial duress…yes; she paid me to say all of this.

Happy reading and may you become just as “mad” as we are.

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