Dear Journal: A Mad Sales Moment

llcoolcomebackSo I took a couple of weeks away from posting (not writing) to focus on my book endeavors as well as putting together a few One Woman Sales Tours and Seminars and I’m excited to return to my favorite opinion venue, Diary of a Mad Saleswoman.

I actually intended to take another week off but I had a breakthrough and an occurrence (because my life is way too dramatic for me to just have a simple moment).  The breakthrough was that I finally penned the intro of my first sales tome after agonizing for months over how I would define the book and who it was meant for.   Okay, so I’m not writing the next Crime and Punishment but dammit, I like the word tome and I’m sticking with it.  Besides, it’s going to be quite insightful, causing book to be too ordinary a noun.

Anyway, after months of writing, I could never succinctly say who the book was meant for or why I was writing it.  Sound crazy?  Well, it felt the same way.  I had a ton of great messages compiled and I knew what the gist of the book was, I just didn’t know HOW to say WHO it was written for.  Whether you get that or not, isn’t the real point.  The point is I got the intro written and I’m ready for the next phase in the adventure!

Secondly, I had a meeting which created the perfect moment for me to come back to Diary of A Mad Saleswoman confidently.  Maybe, confidently is the wrong word since that never seems top be my issue, however, one loaded (perhaps unintended) statement during a meeting created the perfect opportunity for me to sail back into the lives of my readers as though I had never been missing.  If you didn’t miss me, you must have the most exciting life ever because I’m easy to miss and if you did miss me…I’M BACK AND KISSES TO YOU!

People who know me personally or whom I’ve had the chance to speak with directly, would tell you that I like to deal in truths.  I have the ability to deliver the message softly or slap you in the face with it, but ultimately, I feel that truth is a necessity to functioning successfully in the business world so that’s where I live.  Unfortunately, there are instances in which spoken honesty would be the death knoll but writing allows me to ring that bell joyfully.  The moment that brings me back to blogging full force is a bell-ringer for me and I hope you’ll venture back later today to get the message.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to some feedback on the post.


8 thoughts on “Dear Journal: A Mad Sales Moment

    • Thanks Megan! I’ll be sure to check out your blog. You know it used to be really hard to deliver until I realized the nuance of it all–you’d think it would be easier with all of the people screaming about wanting someone to be honest with them! Can’t wait for your feedback on the post. I’ll be starting the Mad Saleswoman: Sales Personality Tour soon in the Richmond, VA area–stay tuned!

  1. First time reading your blog and I did enjoy it. I also have a background in sales and marketing and now writing a weekly blog. Most of the time I find blogging very therapeutic.

    • Thanks for visiting, please continue to read and comment, it’s always appreciated. I have to agree with the therapeutic nature of blogging. Blogging about my profession helps me to keep perspective and process situations better than I did prior to. It’s also opened me up to another career option! I’ll check your blog out today.

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