Please Don’t Stop The Music

Remember Calista Flockhart in all her skeletal glory dancing through the halls of the law firm that made you want to get a law degree?  Ally McBeal wasn’t the first time that I realized I live my life according to a theme song but years later in my professional life it remains a front of mind inspiration.

I love theme songs.  Sound kitschy?  Too bad.  I’m an avid music lover so it only makes sense that I make it a part of my career.  I always have a song for my day.  There are times when I realize that I’ve been listening to the same song all day having subconsciously chosen the mood and the magic for the day.   I was walking through the mall once and I swear Robin Thicke was behind me singing, When I Get You Alone…”because you walk pretty because you talk pretty…”, trust me it’s a confidence booster!


My passion for music doesn’t allow me to discriminate among genres except to say that old school country wouldn’t be my first choice, however, browse through my collection and you couldn’t identify my race or regional origin, nor should it matter.  If I built a Motivational playlist for my early morning prospecting it would include Rihanna’s “Pour It Up”, Pistol Annie’s “Hell On Heels”, Rev Theory’s “Hell Yeah”, and Jay-Z (and company) “Run This Town”.  I don’t care who’s singing it I’m just looking for a push.  A lot of these songs are great when working out as well.

During my research hour (early morning or late afternoon) I might pump nothing but hardcore rap music or anything off of the Punk Goes Pop albums (check out the Mercy Alive remake of Mercy (Kanye West) below–yeah that happens.

Music is an emotional driver, no doubt about it, so be careful what you ask for.  I stay away from my Grey’s Anatomy playlist during the day because emo music doesn’t offer the energy that I’m looking for but if I were an artist in a studio I might opt for it.

What track gets you amped throughout the day or has a pull on your mood (good, bad or indifferent?)


8 thoughts on “Please Don’t Stop The Music

  1. Reblogged this on Mental Motivation and commented:

    This is a post from my other blog. I don’t often write poetry or creative pieces to music because I don’t want the influence to override the natural. When I do write with a track in the background, I’ll include the music link at the bottom.

  2. I love music and have over 6,000 songs in my iTunes library, but I rarely listen while I am in my home office working all day. I get too distracted. Which is sad, because I used to crank music all the time when I drove to work everyday. When I do listen to music while I work, it has to be on low. Anything will do, from Broadway Show Tunes to P!nk. It just depends on my mood, and also what I am writing.

    • I’m definitely a mood music person but I do have a harder time writing my poetry blog to music, I’m afraid of the influence. I actually have the weird habit of reading, listening to music and singing at the same time (I always catch myself doing it).

  3. I’m the type of person that I have to have music to function in the morning…It sets the tone for the rest of my day…It has to be something up-tempo…I cant listen to my sappy love songs in the morning…lol…Because my tastes are extremely eclectic, it could be anything from AC/DC or The Ramones to Jay Z. It all depends on what I’m in the mood for

    • Agreed, music can impact or reflect your mood (or both). When I’m getting amped to sell or prepare a proposal I don’t want to listen to anything that slows me down.

  4. Great piece. The music that gets me going.

    When in creation mode: Classical
    When I have a handle on what I’m doing but still need to concentrate: Jazz
    When I need a boost or am doing stuff that doesn’t require too much concentration: Hip Hop.

    I’m a Jay-Z fan so “Brooklyn we go hard,” can jump start me anytime. I have a playlist called “Get it going”

    • Love it! I’m a firm believer in different genres for different tasks. If you love classical instruments my favorite during my Saturday morning blog sessions is Cello Submarine by the 12 Cellists of Berlin Philharmonic, check it out.

      Jazz puts me in chill mode. I do love how most of the creatives that I know whether a motivational speaker or artist aren’t genre snobs! As for Brooklyn We Go Hard, you know I understand!

      Thanks Ambassador.

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