What I’m Loving Today: Powered Up!

The worst sound in the world is a beep accompanied by the picture below (not my best edit):


I don’t have to put together a marketing ad to tell you that a dead or dying phone is a major inconvenience.  What’s the alternative? Try finding an available plug-in an airport, convention center, or Barnes & Noble (seriously, all that space and 2 plugs?)  and it’s slightly easier to find a payphone.  Remember those:


Fast forward to a world that doesn’t require bartering for “plug time” or leaving your phone in the car praying that it will pick up a little juice to my favorite little gadget.  Given to me as a gift last year, (my sig other was kinda tired of my dead S3 ringing to voicemail), it’s the easiest way to stay connected.  You might not care about reading your work emails but a text message that happy hour has been moved would be an inconvenience!  If you already have one pat yourself on the back, if not, I’d like to introduce the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation–www.mophie.com

Mophie 2

A portable battery created to keep your smart phone, tablet and other mobile devices powered up when you’re on the go, this is a must have for any gadget junkie or active professional.  I know!  I sound like a billboard for a product that pays me nothing but I’m doing this to help you out, so button it up.  During my Vegas trip the Mophie kept me and my IPhone using colleague from searching for power outlets in a place full of people doing exactly the same.  If you can believe it we were at a convention full of gadgets and business promotional products and I saw more professionals than I can count that were impressed by this little baby.

2 Charging Options

2 Charging Options

Judging by the number of people who are in awe when I snatch it out of my purse Mophie obviously needs to run a few television ads on Spike tv or some other man channel (I was more interested in using my 60 bucks on the latest Urban Decay palette so I am extra grateful that my man saw this as a necessary item).

Mophie basics: 1.  Comes in 2500 and 4000 mAh and various colors.

  1. Several power levels including 2500 and 4000 mAh–there’s also a convenient but less powerful key ring option
  2. Two color options that I have seen (black and red)
  3. Charges Android and IPhone products as well as other smartphones and tablets
  4. Offers 2-4 ports to charge multiple gadgets at once
  5. Self sustains it’s own battery life until used (recharge via computer usb outlet or wall)

So, enough reading about it, go grab one today (or order it online like every other technophile).


9 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Today: Powered Up!

    • I would have seriously rivaled you for Queen of the Dead Phone (love it!). Not only was my phone but my IPad and IPod as well. Talk about meaningless technology. Let me know if you try it out, I’d love to hear your feedback.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever completely run out of battery life while away from home, but this does seem like a good idea for travel or if you work in coffee shops a lot. Great review!

    • Adrienne you are much more responsible with your electronics than I am my friend! I will say that it came in handy during a longer than expected layover in the Philadelphia airport.

  2. I’ve seen these things before and its a great little gadget! Perfect for times when you’re desperate- I mean, these days a charged cell phone is pretty much an essential!

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