Only In My World

IT Guy:  Where do I know you from?
Me: We worked together at (blah blah blah)
IT Guy: Oh that’s right (insert random small talk)
Me: (awkwardly) so….about my computer
IT Guy: yeah I’ll check it out (looking around surreptitiously) you know we have something else in common…..
Me: (even more awkwardly) what’s that?
IT Guy: (much too loud for someone who just looked around surreptitiously) WE’RE BOTH ON DATING SITES!!!
Me: (way past the awkward stage) umm, I don’t think so.
IT Guy: (pulling out his cell phone) Is this you?
Me: (afraid of what I may see) Umm, that’s…not…me…
IT Guy: (nonchalant) Oh, okay, I thought that was you
Me: so, yeah, about my computer