Frankenstorm and the Salespocalypse


The impending doom of Frankenstorm is marching toward my humble abode on the East Coast but I am so committed, crazy, or cognizant enough of the pangs of joblessness that I am actually sitting in my office as we speak (sidenote:  A small reminder for any sales newbies….INDUSTRY MATTERS)

When there are 3 working days left to hit a metric, close contracts and ultimately make your money the last thing you want to see on the radar is a major storm with life threatening consequences.  Since this is a sales related blog, I know you understand why this is monumental and won’t shoot me a “how can you think about work at a time like this?” message.

Every salesperson (even the average one) has an expectation to make money and the calendar can be the difference maker to that objective.  A 23-day sales month can be the gift that keeps on giving, offering you an opportunity for a hail mary on occasion while a 19 day sales month is the Grinch, rubbing its greedy little hands together, waiting to steal joy from little sales girls and boys everywhere, particularly when the expectation is that you can drive production of the same value in shorter time.

I could pretend that there is some lesson in all of this that will always salvage your sales month but you already know about controlling your behaviors and doing what you can and I’m too focused on “Hurricane San-dusky” to be motivational today!


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